My background as a product designer often leads me toward art that feels logical and even manufacturable. I discover ideas and forms through design projects for structural packaging, consumer electronics, and household products.  As I begin painting, I like to set up constraints that generate underlying relationships between multiple pieces.


Originally, I didn’t have any paint, brushes, or canvases. To create this work while it still felt fresh, I used supplies from the hardware store.  Masonite boards were cut at the store in 12, 24, and 48 inch increments by the employees.  I applied the color directly to the board with cans of spray paint, tape, and free newspapers.  To reveal this process to the viewer, I allowed the color and imperfection from the boards to show through.


Designed as a series, the paintings complement each other as extensions of one another.  In groups, they reveal and reinforce their underlying guides.