I am an industrial designer. That means I am responsible for determining the function, value, and appearance of products, while working collaboratively with marketers and engineers. What that really means is that I am in charge of making products look and work like businesses and consumers want them to. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2005 and currently work at Kaleidoscope. I am also a contributor at Kaleidoscope’s concept design blog, The Greener Grass and teach courses at the University of Cincinnati’s renowned College of DAAP. Design’s role within business is still relatively new and undefined. As a result, so much of what we do in the design world is intuitive, unexplained, or inconsistent. When explaining the design process and design thinking to my partners, I’ve often had to resort to statements like, “It’s messy, but trust me.” But I don’t think that’s good enough, so I created this blog to try to explain how I use design thinking to help people and businesses. This site will serve as a documentation of my thoughts on design and the products I’ve created as a result.