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spinal tap Nolvadex For Sale, A few years ago, I once asked a friend for some insight as to why his company had been so consistently successful. He said, Nolvadex photos, Buy Nolvadex without a prescription, "We always overdeliver."

Photographer Chase Jarvis just posted a similar piece of advice on his blog:

In my experience, the art director, Nolvadex description, Online Nolvadex without a prescription, creative director, the photo editor people--whoever are that people that hire you to create pictures--are exactly the same, where can i buy Nolvadex online. Nolvadex cost, If you continue to deliver the expected and nothing new, they get bored, canada, mexico, india. Buy Nolvadex no prescription, Sure they're safe in part - it's why they have a job - but they're perhaps a little bored. And they might be bored by you, Nolvadex reviews. Buy cheap Nolvadex no rx, And in the creative world, boredom equals death.

I'm glad Chase reminded me of this (and to Finn McKenty for sending it along), Nolvadex steet value. Buy Nolvadex online no prescription, It's easy to get caught up in meeting expectations, especially for your biggest clients, buy cheap Nolvadex. Where can i buy cheapest Nolvadex online, The truth is your best clients want you to exceed expectations, and they deserve it more than anyone else, Nolvadex without a prescription.

So if you're planning to push for your new clients, and you need to push for your existing clients, then it simply adds up: always overdeliver.

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 Ideas

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  1. I would also add this:
    Always overdeliver AND underpromise.

  2. Barbi Jones on March 31st, 2009

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