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Re*Move's Joe Simpson posted an interesting piece Order Vibramycin, about the Airbus A380's ability to help airlines differentiate through design. Vibramycin without a prescription, Air travel has slowly been moving away from enjoyable, luxurious experiences, buy Vibramycin without prescription, Vibramycin pics, but the A380 could signal an inflection point back in the other direction. What's most interesting to me about the article is the comparison between the design evolution of automobiles and aeroplanes:

...Modern aeroplane design walks a fine line in balancing efficiency, Vibramycin natural, Vibramycin duration, carrying capacity and cost - and the long, thin tube sitting on a central wing box seems to have won out as the design pattern of choice, Vibramycin blogs. Vibramycin forum, Airlines therefore don't advertise, or differentiate on the types of aircraft they fly.., where can i buy Vibramycin online. Vibramycin wiki, Compare this to the auto industry, conversely - where the minor detail differentiation of cars from competitor to competitor is the subject of millions - no makes that billions - of dollars of advertising money, generic Vibramycin, Vibramycin no rx, not to mention design and development funds.

Now here is a major difference in the business strategies of two different forms of transportation. Planes and cars both get people from point A to point B, but cars generally compete on aesthetics and planes generally don't.This point made me wonder what cars would look like if the industry stopped differentiating on design, Order Vibramycin. Below are a few possibilities, buy Vibramycin online no prescription, After Vibramycin, what do you think cars would look like without aesthetics?


We've seen the Prius and now the Insight take on this aerodynamic, one-box silhouette, Vibramycin maximum dosage. Online Vibramycin without a prescription, With fuel efficiency growing in importance, will all cars take on this same shape?Honda Insight

Child's Play

When you drew a car as a kid, what did it look like. The collective conscious of young boys could result in the 021C or a Countache.



My Pick

I love the Saab 9X concept. It feels attractively efficient in it's styling and so I wouldn't mind seeing hundreds more like it.


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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 Aesthetics, Ideas, Uncategorized

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  1. Interesting question. There aren’t that many examples of products that have gone this route. I think the important thing to see is that despite the homogeneous design of modern passenger aircraft, the airline isn’t selling a plane they are selling a service. The same sort of model could be applied to any mode of transport, cars included. Zipcar is a good example of this, as are companies like Velib and Intrago Mobility (www.intragomobility.com) who both specialize in two wheeled modes of locomotion.

    Until the auto companies can sell services or lifestyles instead of simply products (which some brands are actually doing now…ie Mini, VW to some extent, Scion, Jeep, etc.) there will continue to be millions of dollars sunk into petty sheet metal differences.

    But to answer the question, I’m very partial to my Jetta. Except while I’m living in Rhode Island; now I would like something more like a Tahoe. Of course when I’m in Los Angeles I need my motorcycle…maybe I’ll just draw a picture of it and get back to you!

  2. Robb on January 29th, 2009
  3. finn mckenty on January 30th, 2009
  4. I think the Saab is a nice example of, as you say, attractive efficiency in design. The reality is that, like any other emotionally-led concept of the last decades, you still pay a high price for it’s exciting proportions and the emotional pull you experience.

    To me, I think there is a missing design direction here, and it’s the concept of “inside out”. If you stop differentiating on exterior design, then you will need to differentiate somewhere.

    In 1998 Fiat really did decide to stop differentiating on exterior design and focused on where car owners spend the majority of their car time. The Multipla was soundly criticised for it’s exterior looks but loved by owners and even the critical journalist pack for the extreme utility and space efficiency of the vehicle.

    To ride in one is a remarkable experience. Oceans of space for six, and importantly, their luggage and a truly panoramic view afforded by the massive glasshouse. This within an exterior package the size of a VW Golf. Should it come as a surprise that the concept was spearheaded by Chris Bangle?

    To continue to draw the airline parallel, you could say that many automotive designers currently operate in a Concorde environment of superfluous emotional prerequisites for performance (or the external appearance thereof) which has significant impacts on vehicle functionality, economy and even luxury (despite what the marketers will tell you). The Multipla represents the A380 approach of performance be damned, it’s all about how it feels on the inside.

  5. Drew Smith on February 15th, 2009

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