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Right on the heels of my experiment Lexapro Dosage, tracking designers' Myers-Briggs results, I stumbled onto this creativity test from the Art Institute of Vancouver through a discussion on LinkedIn. The test is based on Dr, online Lexapro without a prescription. Rx free Lexapro, Roger Sperry's Nobel Prize-winning brain research from 1981. Not surprisingly, order Lexapro online c.o.d, Lexapro used for, many of the industrial designers in the group are reporting a near 50/50 split between left and right brain thinking.

What I find more interesting are the subcategories that make up each side, Lexapro no prescription. On the right side are holistic, random, concrete, intuitive, nonverbal, and fantasy-oriented, Lexapro Dosage. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The left side is made up of linear, sequential, cheap Lexapro, Discount Lexapro, symbolic, logical, order Lexapro from mexican pharmacy, Lexapro no rx, verbal, and reality-based, Lexapro wiki. Lexapro online cod, Take the test and look for interesting highs and lows. For instance, Lexapro dangers, Lexapro mg, I scored high on sequential but low on linear processing. It's important for me to understand how this seemingly narrow difference in processing could affect my ability to learn a new skill or digest an important piece of information, buy Lexapro from canada. Lexapro Dosage, Finally, Brian Westbrook offered up another test called the HBDI. It tests the whole brain: left, right, front, and back. Ned Hermann, a manager at General Electric, developed the test in the 1970s. For more information, download this PDF profile.

Take the quiz, join the Industrial Design group on LinkedIn, and add your comment!.

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 Ideas

2 Comments to Lexapro Dosage

  1. Not surprisingly, I am a right-brained (57% right 43% left) I also scored high in sequential processing (left-brained), high in concrete processing (right-brained) and low in holistic processing.

  2. Lara on May 24th, 2010
  3. hmmm, mine is

    Left Brain (50%) Right Brain (51%)

    Left Brain Percentages
    40% Sequential (Your most dominant characteristic)
    34% Symbolic
    34% Reality-based
    13% Logical
    11% Linear
    7% Verbal (Your least dominant characteristic)

    Right Brain Percentages
    36% Holistic (Your most dominant characteristic)
    32% Fantasy-oriented
    28% Concrete
    19% Nonverbal
    12% Random
    10% Intuitive (Your least dominant characteristic)

  4. Nico on May 24th, 2010

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