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Order Vibramycin

Re*Move's Joe Simpson posted an interesting piece Order Vibramycin, about the Airbus A380's ability to help airlines differentiate through design. Vibramycin without a prescription, Air travel has slowly been moving away from enjoyable, luxurious experiences, buy Vibramycin without prescription, Vibramycin pics, but the A380 could signal an inflection point back in the other direction. What's most interesting to me about the article is the comparison between the design evolution of automobiles and aeroplanes:

...Modern aeroplane design walks a fine line in balancing efficiency, Vibramycin natural, Vibramycin duration, carrying capacity and cost - and the long, thin tube sitting on a central wing box seems to have won out as the design pattern of choice, Vibramycin blogs. Vibramycin forum, Airlines therefore don't advertise, or differentiate on the types of aircraft they fly.., where can i buy Vibramycin online. Vibramycin wiki, Compare this to the auto industry, conversely - where the minor detail differentiation of cars from competitor to competitor is the subject of millions - no makes that billions - of dollars of advertising money, generic Vibramycin, Vibramycin no rx, not to mention design and development funds.

Now here is a major difference in the business strategies of two different forms of transportation. Planes and cars both get people from point A to point B, but cars generally compete on aesthetics and planes generally don't.This point made me wonder what cars would look like if the industry stopped differentiating on design, Order Vibramycin. Below are a few possibilities, buy Vibramycin online no prescription, After Vibramycin, what do you think cars would look like without aesthetics?


We've seen the Prius and now the Insight take on this aerodynamic, one-box silhouette, Vibramycin maximum dosage. Online Vibramycin without a prescription, With fuel efficiency growing in importance, will all cars take on this same shape?Honda Insight

Child's Play

When you drew a car as a kid, what did it look like. The collective conscious of young boys could result in the 021C or a Countache.



My Pick

I love the Saab 9X concept. It feels attractively efficient in it's styling and so I wouldn't mind seeing hundreds more like it.


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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 Aesthetics, Ideas, Uncategorized 3 Comments

Alesse For Sale

Trek Studio Alesse For Sale, Trek recently opened Thing One, a new studio space dedicated to inspiring great design work. Where can i buy cheapest Alesse online, The press release focuses on the surprisingly rural location for Trek's new space.

Over 20 miles from the nearest Starbucks, Alesse mg, Alesse recreational, the unassuming town of Waterloo, Wisconsin—yes, about Alesse, Comprar en línea Alesse, comprar Alesse baratos, Waterloo, Wisconsin—is now home to what is arguably the world’s most comprehensive design studio for all things bicycles.

As the press release states, Alesse images, Discount Alesse, it's interesting that Trek has invested so much into a stylish space to inspire design. In the past, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy Alesse without a prescription, style had little value to companies who were differentiating based on price, performance, Alesse no prescription, Alesse for sale, or features. In part, Alesse long term, Alesse used for, traditional brands like to avoid differentiating in this way because it's hard to measure the value of a style. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have value, Alesse For Sale. Trek President John Burke talks about the value of design, online buying Alesse hcl. Alesse steet value, (In fact, I like how he's broken design down into the specific elements.)
Today, best‐in‐class function is no longer enough to make best‐in‐class products. Shape, form, color, and presentation are integral to making products that can be global leaders. This new design center is Trek’s commitment to leading the future of cycling.

Check out more on Thing One here.


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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 Links, Uncategorized No Comments

Desyrel Over The Counter

I recently left a comment over at Design Sojourn Desyrel Over The Counter, that forced me to better consider the definition of "strategic." I typically associate something strategic with something that has long term value, but the truth is it doesn't have to. Doses Desyrel work, After considering this, I realized that there's no point in creating my own definition when Michael Porter has done such an excellent job, cheap Desyrel no rx. Taking Desyrel, Here is his definition:

Strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals.

As Finn McKenty summarizes, Porter highlights three specific elements of strategy, Desyrel coupon. Desyrel dose, First, strategy is about purposely choosing to do things differently than your competition, cheap Desyrel. Order Desyrel no prescription, Second, strategy is about actions, buy Desyrel no prescription, Desyrel interactions, not just statements. Finally, strategy should be unique, Desyrel Over The Counter. Finn puts it best: That means that operational excellence is not strategy unless you implement it in a way that is better than all rivals (Wal-Mart), Desyrel street price. Fast shipping Desyrel, If you want to read more about Porter, check out his work at the Harvard Business Review, Desyrel dangers. Desyrel samples, So for design to be strategic, businesses need to use it in thoughtful, effects of Desyrel, Online buying Desyrel, actionable, and unique ways to beat their competition. With this definition in mind, what businesses best use design strategically. I'll give you Apple, now name another one.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 Ideas, Links 1 Comment

Tetracycline For Sale

Tetracycline For Sale, Altec Lansing (now a part of Plantronics) released two great new products earlier this year. Tetracycline photos, The Expressionist Series epitomizes strategic aesthetics through a distinct look that will clearly help them differentiate their brand from the competition. It seems to me that the market for the Expressionist series is more focused than that of most computer speakers, purchase Tetracycline, Tetracycline maximum dosage, which are clean and modern but also tend to blend in with their environment, Tetracycline dose. Kjøpe Tetracycline på nett, köpa Tetracycline online, Altec Lansing Expressionist Series

Their tall proportion and primitive details make me think they're aimed at hardcore gamers or young audiophiles with huge digital music libraries. Regardless of who Altec Lansing is targeting, Tetracycline over the counter, Order Tetracycline no prescription, the market for desktop speakers has slowly become more homogenous since the introduction of the Creatures. The Expressionist BASS speakers use attention-grabbing aesthetics to cut through the clutter while delivering new functionality in a 2.2 speaker system, Tetracycline For Sale.

Altec Lansing Expressionist Series

My only criticism is that while these products make a great impression in person, buy generic Tetracycline, Tetracycline price, they lose some of that impact online. While the products themselves are very lifestyle-oriented, order Tetracycline from United States pharmacy, Online Tetracycline without a prescription, their website persists with traditional elements like price, performance, herbal Tetracycline, Buy Tetracycline from mexico, and features.

Hate it or love it, Tetracycline from canada, Tetracycline recreational, the Expressionist series was clearly developed by a focused group of individuals and strong design leadership. Congrats on winning six awards at CES. I'd like to learn more about what inspired this work. Can anyone offer any additional information on the Expressionist Series.

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 Aesthetics, Links, Uncategorized 1 Comment

Seroquel Dosage

Seroquel Dosage, Amidst this recession, the design blogosphere is calling for innovation as the (only) way to save our economy. I definitely see the value in innovative products and processes, cheap Seroquel, Seroquel without prescription, but I found myself wondering what else there might be. Thanks to someone on Twitter (I couldn't find the original tweet), Seroquel brand name, Order Seroquel from mexican pharmacy, I was pointed to Dion Hinchcliffe's blog on Web 2.0. He's starting a series of posts entitled How to Survive and Thrive in Business Today with Web 2.0, online buy Seroquel without a prescription. Seroquel schedule, Check out his graphic, in which innovation, where can i buy cheapest Seroquel online, Seroquel without a prescription, along with growth, transformation, buy Seroquel without a prescription, Buying Seroquel online over the counter, and cost reduction are listed as the four key areas.

Survive and Thrive

The point I'm trying to make is that even though it's currently popular in business, rx free Seroquel, Discount Seroquel, design isn't just about innovation. Right now, Seroquel steet value, Seroquel wiki, I'm working on a cost-reduction project and a growth project. As a designer, Seroquel natural, I can see ways to provide value in all four of these areas, which will be very important to our function in the coming year.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 Ideas, Links No Comments

Tetracycline No Rx

Tetracycline No Rx, I recently heard that during this recession people will be mainly concerned with cost and convenience. Tetracycline duration, This may be true with some categories, but I view it as a challenge to design a better consumer experience without adding cost, buy Tetracycline online no prescription. Buy Tetracycline online cod, So often, we think that adding some element of design adds cost, Tetracycline wiki, Where can i order Tetracycline without prescription, but it doesn't have to.

Now that I've tied this post to a common theme on this blog, I'd like to plug the Vulcan Hotel in Sydney, buy cheap Tetracycline, Tetracycline no rx, where we stayed during our recent trip to Australia. The Vulcan, no prescription Tetracycline online, Fast shipping Tetracycline, while very nice aesthetically, didn't offer the bells and whistles of major hotel chains, discount Tetracycline. Generic Tetracycline, I'm not too particular about my lodging experience, but my wife (the interior designer) is, Tetracycline over the counter. Here's what she has to say about our stay at the Vulcan:

It was simple but fulfilling, everything we needed and nothing we didn't, Tetracycline No Rx. Doses Tetracycline work, Excellent service, comfortable bed, Tetracycline blogs, Buy no prescription Tetracycline online, and a good, central location. There was no pompous attitude or expensive price tag. The receptionist's attention to small details made our stay that much better, like giving us a couple of spare bus tickets. As much as I like to stay in different and interesting hotels, I would absolutely stay there again.

Vulcan Hotel Sydney

Vulcan Hotel Sydney

Vulcan Hotel Sydney.

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Monday, January 19th, 2009 Ideas No Comments

Ultram Dosage

Botanist Blank Canvas Project

My friends over at Orange22 Ultram Dosage, collaborated with white canvas to create a "Making of" video for their Botanist Blank Canvas Project. It's a nice combination of manufacturing clips, is Ultram safe, Ultram pharmacy, beauty shots, and interview with founder Dario Antonioni, is Ultram addictive. Canada, mexico, india, I saw the benches at last year's ICFF and was really impressed with how they were able to turn a simple, beautiful piece of furniture into a much bigger idea, where can i find Ultram online. Ultram reviews, I also love how Dario figured out a way for industrial designers to collaborate much in the same way the fashion and music industries do. It's very interesting to see how well-known designers will solve such a tightly constrained problem, Ultram interactions. Where can i cheapest Ultram online, Click here to watch the video.

via Contemporist, buy Ultram online cod, Ultram class, photo via Inhabitat. Ultram used for. Real brand Ultram online. Ultram coupon. Ultram canada, mexico, india. Ultram results.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009 Ideas, Implementations No Comments

Purchase Zovirax

Purchase Zovirax, I generally understand Twitter's popularity. I set up an account about 6 months ago, Zovirax trusted pharmacy reviews, Zovirax overnight, but couldn't commit to regular tweets and lost interest. I even interviewed Twitter founder Biz Stone for The Greener Grass to learn more about Twitter's value, buy Zovirax online no prescription. Zovirax duration, Everyone is talking about the power of social media in business, but I didn't really get it until recently, Zovirax online cod. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, In a couple posts over at Experience Curve, Karl Long has done a great job explaining the value of social media to business, Zovirax treatment. Much better than I could ever put it, here is Karl's take on many of the current social media companies:

...I think there are several social media companies who are valued primarily due to their amazing growth, and it’s obscuring what the real value is that they create, Purchase Zovirax. Buy Zovirax from canada, The problem in social media is that it amplifies network effects so brilliantly that growth drives more growth, now this is great if you have a business model that creates and captures tremendous value, Zovirax long term, What is Zovirax, but if it doesn’t your burn rate goes up and revenue is always just round the corner… until you stop growing and then it collapses. In the end this is the definition of a bubble, get Zovirax, Zovirax street price, everyone wants to join in as long as it’s growing.

I started to understand the value of having a big network with this story. Karl created and promoted a Threadless giveaway through Twitter and here's his account of what happened:
Now I only had 1, Zovirax for sale, Buy cheap Zovirax no rx, 800 followers at the time and the result was nothing short of extraordinary. That message got retweeted or rebroadcast over 500 times, Zovirax photos, that means well over 25% the size of my network took an action to rebroadcast my message to their networks. Purchase Zovirax, The very first person to RT was @Coryobrien and he had 1200 people following him so I almost doubled my ‘impressions’ on the first hop. I also added 250 people to my twitter network...To be quite honest I think personal networks are the future of advertising, so forget the ‘controversy’ and focus on the revolution people.

Personal networks are the future advertising. That resonated with me. Ultimately, we're (businesses and individuals) all in the business of creating content that enough people want to access enough times. When you've achieved that, you've built a powerful network that you can use to your benefit.

I'm nowhere close to being an expert, but I'm starting to understand the value of social media in business. Thanks, Karl.

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Monday, January 12th, 2009 Ideas, Links 2 Comments

Lumigan Price

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="419" caption="Simple bottle concepts require graphics to feel complete."]Simple bottle forms require graphics to feel complete. Lumigan Price, [/caption]

Helping my students with a consumer packaging product, I explained to them that simple, appropriate bottle designs will look unfinished without some graphic design. The challenge lies in fact that industrial designers can be notoriously bad 2D designers, fast shipping Lumigan. Lumigan alternatives, So working with Finn McKenty, we came up with four principles to help my students be adequate graphic designers when necessary, taking Lumigan. Lumigan images,

  1. You know less about graphic design than you probably think.

  2. Keep it simple. Less is more.

  3. Use a classic font, Lumigan dosage. Buy no prescription Lumigan online, Start with Helvetica, Futura, where can i order Lumigan without prescription, Online buying Lumigan hcl, Bodoni, Clarendon, purchase Lumigan online no prescription, Cheap Lumigan no rx, Avant Garde, or Optima

  4. Ask a graphic designer for a critique of your work.

I recently revisited this list and found it to be as useful as ever, low dose Lumigan, Buy Lumigan no prescription, so I thought I'd share it. What other advice would you give industrial designers about graphic design, order Lumigan online overnight delivery no prescription. Comprar en línea Lumigan, comprar Lumigan baratos. Lumigan no rx.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 Aesthetics, Ideas 7 Comments

Desyrel Dosage

My friends at Kaleidoscope Desyrel Dosage, recently published a new case study for their website. A couple years ago, online buying Desyrel hcl, Desyrel blogs, we began development on a new bottle and spray head for Procter & Gamble's Febreze Fabric Refresher. For more information, online buying Desyrel, Desyrel from mexico, read the full report.

What I specifically like about this bottle is how much restraint was used in its execution, buy generic Desyrel. Fast shipping Desyrel, I've never seen a symmetrical spray bottle at mass retail, and this really stands out as a result, is Desyrel safe. Ordering Desyrel online, Historically, it has been a very useful but very ugly household object, buy Desyrel online no prescription. Desyrel price, coupon, With this offering, Febreze elevates the spray bottle into new territory, purchase Desyrel online. Desyrel alternatives, I'm also told the spray head scores well on ergonomics, making it great in terms of both look and feel, cheap Desyrel no rx. Get Desyrel. Desyrel mg.

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 Aesthetics, Implementations 7 Comments